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Where am i based, and would i travel?

I am based in Reigate 30 minutes out of the centre of London. I will travel to any shoot location of your choice with pleasure and factor in travel cost.

Do i research the shoot location?

What ever the shoot is from a wedding venue to a family shoot in the woods to a corporate event I will visit the location the day before to have the most recent knowledge about it. I will spend a large amount of time choosing suitable places to capture your needs and lease with any staff present.

How much do I charge?

Every shoot is different and cost will factor in my travel the amount of hours you require me for and the amount of images you would like to keep.

What do I wear for my shoots?

Whatever event it is I am shooting I will have at least 3 full sets of clothes that suit the surroundings and event style. I am not scared to lay in a puddle, paddle in a pond or climb onto a roof to get original and individual images that you can be proud of.

How long will it be before I get my photos?

After the event I only focus on one client until the task is complete, this considered, it depends on how may images I have to edit in post production. I aim to show the client a sample of the images so they get a flavour within 72 hours of the event finishing.

When do I pay you?

I take 1/3 of the final discussed balance as a non refundable deposit, the final balance will be settled after the event once the client is happy with all the images. 

Do I have the right equipment?

I have a number of cameras and lenses to cover all aspects and any malfunctions, if the event requires, i have access to a 2nd and 3rd shooter, all images are immediately backed up to a cloud and computer system to prevent any loss.

Will you help us get the best images?

48 hours before the event I will speak with the client and advise them on my previous experience regarding the individual needs of the shoot, resulting in everyone involved being happy with the format of the day. That said I will be in constant contact with the client during the period leading up to the event to take care of there every need.

How will I receive my photos?

I will send the completed images in both colour and black and white via a cloud system that the client can access and view via their email address, if they want a select number of images printed and mounted into an album this will be discussed and factored into the final balance.

Am I insured?

Yes I have public liability insurance to cover every foreseeable event.

Do I have a studio?

Yes I have a full lighting set up with backdrops to capture any client their family and pets.

Will I shoot anything?

Yes I will photograph anything and anyone no matter how strange the client may think it is.

Any other questions that you may have please feel free to ask in the contact page and I will reply and answer them as soon as possible.